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Features for Students

STUDENTHUBPLUS also enables parents monitor their ward(s) progress by sending them instant notification(s) on their performance via sms or email.

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Manages Students Registration and
Bio-Data Management

Stress-Free Online School Fees
Payment Process

Upload/Download of Notes and Assignments from Teachers

Online School /Class Calendar

Can Exchange Educative Ideas with Students From Other Schools Via Chat.

Have Unlimited Access to the BRAINTEASER with over 10 years of past questions for different types of exams over a wide variety of subjects.

Features for Teachers

STUDENTHUBPLUS ensures that teachers can effectively manage their students,academically and administratively irrespective of their number.

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Integrated Grading System: Eliminates errors in student result compilations

Upload/Download of Students Notes and Assignments

Gives Accurate Number of Students Being Tutored

Gives Accurate Number of Classes Assigned to a Teacher.

Easy to Use Interface.

Can be used on any Internet Enabled Mobile Device.

Features for School Owners

STUDENTHUBPLUS enables school owners keep track of both academic and administrative activities in real time from anywhere in the world. Get Started

Gives real time feedback of students that have paid their school fees.

Can be Integrated into an Already Existing Website.

Boast of a School Calendar/Timetable Generator.

Ensures effective management of teachers both administratively and academically.

Can be used by Government to monitor secondary schools.

Can be used on any Internet Enabled Mobile Device.


The BRAINTEASER is an online exam preparatory application with real time constraints.

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Simulates real life exam conditions.

Prepares students for exams such as JAMB,WASSCE,GCE etc.

Has Over 20,000 Past Questions.

Instant Performance Assessment.

Has a wide range of subjects.

Can be used on any Internet Enabled Mobile Device.



I'm guessing you are here already.


    Entitles user to only the BRAINTEASER app and 2 years of past questions.
    This is a FREE account
   Should be created by authorised personnel on behalf of the school.
    On confirmation that school was created by authorised personnel, account will be activated.
    This account type entitles user to create accounts for teachers and students in their respective schools.
    This is a complete bouquet.
    Should be only created by a Government Parastatal.
    Account enables Government to monitor secondary schools owned by them.


Still have questions?

As a student can I open a school on behalf of my school?
As a student you do not have the permission to open a school account on behalf of your school.A school account must be created by either a school owner,principal or an organisation in form of charity on behalf of the school.
How much does it cost to open a school account?
A fee is not required to open a school account.However, students in a registered school will be required to pay a small stipend per term to have continuous access to the portal.
How does the BRAINTEASER actually help a student pass exams?
Research has shown that excelling in an exam goes beyond just reading, but also studying of past questions. The BRAINTEASER app contains over 20,000 past questions with a real-life exam timer, giving students a glimpse of real exam scenario. A performance assessment is done by the app and corrections are shown instantly.

How will STUDENTHUBPLUS benefit me as a parent?
If your child is in a school subscribed to STUDENTHUBPLUS,you will be sent weekly/monthly sms or email notifications of his/her attendance analysis and also notifications of academic performance.
Who can open a government account?
A government account can only be opened by either a local, state or federal government parastatal in charge of education in that country.Government accounts will only be allowed to monitor government schools registered under their parastatal.
After I sign up for a school account what happens next?
An email wil be sent to the email address you signed up with, acknowledging that we have received your request. A call will also be put accross to you to confirm that you have the authority to create an account on behalf of that school.After that , our terms of use will be sent to you via email.On receipt of the signed page of the terms of use, an account will be created for that school.The entire process takes only 48 hours.


Lead Developer

Boma Peters is the Director ICT of Fourthman Concepts, a leading Information Communications Technology (ICT) corporation in Nigeria which specializes in modern day software development and Information Communications Technology Consultancy. He is a Computer Engineer by profession with over 9 years of software programming experience, working on diverse projects for multinationals, states and the Federal Government. His love for simple and functional design interface for users earned him a place on the team as the LEAD DEVELOPER on the StudenthubPlus project. He writes for a very popular blog and also reads inspirational books in his spare time. He is a WORLD CHANGER.

System Analyst

Mina Eregoba, a Microbiologist cum ICT craze with a compulsion to make things simple, friendly and beautiful is an independent System Analyst with over 3 years of experience in analyzing, designing and implementing various information systems. She is responsible for naming the project STUDENTHUBPLUS and picking the colour theme for the project. Her quest to always push the norms and attention to details has earned her a spot on the design team as a SYSTEM ANALYST on the StudenthubPlus project. Her hobbies include; listening to music, watching movies, dancing and reading just to mention a few.

Interface Developer

Chukwuemeka Chris-Madu (PND) is the Lead Designer and founder at PNDGFx, with a working experience of over eight years in Multimedia and Application Interface Design; he is a Certified Microsoft Technology Specialist and pursued a successful degree in Software Engineering. He has Worked and trained students in various ICT industries including Del and Bell NIIT Port Harcourt. His love for creativity placed him on the team as the Interface Developer for STUDENTHUBPLUS . He is a Poet and loves to drive and play interactive games.

Database Administrator

Maudlyn Iraju Imegi is a Programmer/Web Designer with a knack for developing life-essential software tools and participating in projects that achieve same results. As part of the STUDENTHUBPLUS team, Maudlyn performed the role of a Database Developer/Analyst. She pursued a degree in Computing and a Master's Degree in Telecommunications. She loves to relax with music and enjoys outdoor recreational activities.

System Analyst(Intern)

Dokubo Diepriye is a student of Management and Information Systems in Covenant University. He worked for Fourthman Concepts for six (6) months during his internship, where he was part of the team of developers who created the StudentHubPlus project.He worked as a system analyst on the STUDENTHUBPLUS Project. He was responsible for the analysis and structural design of the chat interface and other parts of the project. His hobbies include listening to sermons, reading spiritual books and playing games. He has a passion to IMPACT THE WORLD POSITIVELY.

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